Shop Sessions - 106 - Daniel Ellsworth & the Great Lakes

This month we are really excited to share a session we did with Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes. We’ve known Daniel over the years as part of the larger Nashville scene, and it’s been wonderful to watch his and the Great Lakes momentum grow. We were lucky enough to collaborate with them earlier this Summer on our Summer video. They’re song “Sun Goes Out” truly brought the whole video together and set the perfect tone (video below). They are definitely one of the hardest working bands in Nashville right now, and it shows both in their music and their performance. Their music is infectious, joyous, and well manicured. They create a bridge between the stoic indie-perfection that is Spoon, and the bouncy, hyper indie-pop that we’ve seen in bands such as local upstarts COIN. Finding a home right in the midst of that gives DE & the GL a pleasantly unique sound and appeal whereas so many get lost chasing too far, too fast towards one end of the spectrum.

Make sure you catch Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes Sept. 5th at Live on the Green, and learn more about them at their WEBSITE

Video by Mary Beth Blankenship,

Audio by Joe Hutchinson

Video by Mary Beth Blankenship,


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Shop Sessions - 105 - Phin

We’d heard of this month’s Shop Session artist, Phin, through the grapevine, the way you often do. A friend’s friend, or this band that played with that band. We’d only recently heard of them and the next thing that happened was they won this year’s Music City Mayhem contest, confirming them a spot at this year’s Lightning 100 Live on the Green. 

When we finally got to check them out, we could see why. If we were speaking generally it’d be easy to lump them in with every other band that has a synth in it. In a town that boasts Wild Cub, Vinyl Thief, and COIN, those are some seriously high standards and it’s very easy to dismiss bands. Do not dismiss Phin. Their understanding and control of melody  and arranging make them a serious contender on any pop battlefield. And that’s pop in a good way, as in, there is definitely potential to hear their songs on radio all over the country, in movies, tv, etc. 

We’re excited to present to you “Those Killers” from our recent session with Phin. Be sure to check them out at Live on the Green this year, and learn more about them ahead of time at

Video by Mary Beth Blankenship,

Audio by Joe Hutchinson


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Bonnaroo 2014

This month we decided not to do a shop session since we knew we’d be going to Bonnaroo to help our friends at No Country do some journalistic coverage. Here’s a recap of our grand adventure. It was a grueling 4 days, but so much fun and we can’t believe how many amazing acts we saw. From hometown heroes to living legends, this was a fantastic festival. Hope you enjoy our video!

Want more coverage? Check out these great write ups over at our friends No Country for New Nashville, which Adrien helped contribute to.



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Shop Sessions - 104 - Guthrie Brown & the Family Tree

This month in the shop we have Guthrie Brown & the Family Tree. The guys, and gal, stopped by a few weeks back to record for us and it was a great time. Adrien jammed with the band for a bit before the session, and everything was very relaxed and fun, with our intern Zylah and her cousin hanging in the doorway.  An atmosphere perfectly suited to the band. 

We first heard Guthrie on Lightning 100. At the time it was a bedroom demo and nothing that caught our attention. Fast forward a few months to one of Mercy Lounge and BMI’s Road to Bonnaroo 8 off 8ths, and we had our preconceptions eradicated. Guthrie Brown & the Family Tree took the stage and in 3 songs had us convinced that they are one of the best bands happening in town right now.

A few weeks later and we have them in our shop. Drinking beers, casually playing through tunes with neurotic precision, to say the least of the craftsmanship that goes into Guthrie’s writing. The band is effortless, easy to enjoy, and masterful in presenting palatable, neatly packaged songs packed with nuance and depth. GB&FT write trojan horses of songs. 

We loved this session, and we think you will too. Enjoy!

Learn more about Guthrie Brown & the Family Tree on their website, and follow them on FACEBOOK.

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Shop Sessions - 103 - Vinyl Thief

It is now officially Spring. Congrats everyone, we made it… now where is the sunshine and warm weather?

For April we are excited to share Vinyl Thief’s Shop Session with you. If you’re unfamiliar with the band they have a sound that blends indie and dance rock, mixing in a bit of synth and skirting pop undertones. Think the Killers, without the overt Springsteen adulation, joining up with Coldplay if they weren’t, you know… so whiny. They’re the kind of band who plays loud, high energy sets that get you moving and dancing unconsciously until you realize what you’re doing, pause, and think to yourself “Wait, when did I start dancing? And how am I SO good at dancing!”… That’s Vinyl Thief.

We had them pair down a little bit, but any fears of causing a watered down set were quickly dismissed. Grayson’s voice has an uncanny range and could fill a room on its own, however Sam and Logan made everything balance quite nicely between Grayson’s voice and their keys and guitar, respectively. A concern of ours was Andrew’s drumming, as this is a band that plays music meant to move you, literally, and we were wondering if the songs would have the same momentum, the same propulsion with a stripped down set. Again, there was nothing to worry about. Vinyl Thief are pros. 

Take a listen, watch the video for “London”, enjoy and then catch these guys this Friday, April 11th at the High Watt alongside the Young International. It’s going to be a great show and if you like any of this session, then you’re in for a treat to see what these guys can do when not confined to a 100 sq ft of a tiny shop.


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Shop Sessions - 102 - Bradley Warren, Jr.

GREEN AND RED - Bradley Warren, Jr.

SCARLET - Bradley Warren, Jr.

With the release of our second Shop Session, we are officially a series!

This month we have the fantastic Bradley Warren, Jr. for you. Quiet and humble, a man’s man who spends his days building furniture from wood and metal. There were some in the room who had not heard Bradley when he visited our shop. Suffice it to say, Jaws dropped.

His voice is clear, reedy, and passionate. He’s a storyteller, and a good one, keeping his songs meaningfully simple and direct. None of this woe-is-me self-introspection that has plagued modern “folk” songwriting. And that’s another thing, Bradley is a true Folk artist. He’s taken the time to learn his craft so that he can walk into a room, a man and his guitar, and hold everyone’s attention. That is a rare gift and we were so fortunate that he would come and share that with us.

We hope you enjoy the songs he did for us as much as we did.

Keep up with Bradley through his website and keep an eye out for his new album, due out next month.


Recorded by Joe Hutchinson

Video work by Mary Beth Blankenship (


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Shop Sessions - 101 - *Repeat Repeat

Happy Valentine’s everybody! Here it is, our gift to you! At long last, the first ever DCXV Shop Session! Being from Nashville, music is deeply ingrained in our company. It gets us excited and it inspires us, and beyond creating something new and exciting for people to wear, we love to turn people onto new music and the music we love. This is essentially how Shop Sessions came about.  If you know our brand, you know  that we go to a lot of shows, and that a lot of the people we know and work with are musicians. So the idea came about one day to cram some of these people into the tiny front half of our shop, have them gather around a microphone, and record what happened. While we’re still tweaking the formula, so far, we’re thrilled with what we’ve been getting and we’re extremely excited to finally share it with you.

Which brings us to our first artists for Shop Sessions, *Repeat Repeat! Yes, we are friends with these fine people outside of music, but that doesn’t change the fact that we absolutely love this band! They are far and away one of the finest pop and rock bands currently in Nashville. So many bands think that they must be either cool or fun, and never the two shall meet… *Repeat Repeat says fuck that, mashes them together, and throws 60’s tie-die vibes all over it. And glitter. To paraphrase Jason Lee’s character in the eternally great Almost Famous, if you’re not getting off, *Repeat Repeat will find you and get you off!

If you don’t know them yet, you’re about to. *Repeat Repeat open for The Features March 1st at the East Room, their debut album Bad Lattitude comes out March 11th with a special in-store at Grimey’s to celebrate, and two days later they hit the road with one of our other absolute favorite bands in town El El for a Spring tour. 

Keep up with *Repeat Repeat at their website,

Thank you for checking out our first Shop Session, and keep checking back as we’ll have new music for you every month.


Recorded by Joe Hutchinson

Video work by Mary Beth Blankenship (


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@vinylthief in the shop for #shopsessions ! 1st SS w/ @repeatx2 out Friday! #dcxv #nashville #music #lifestyle

@vinylthief in the shop for #shopsessions ! 1st SS w/ @repeatx2 out Friday! #dcxv #nashville #music #lifestyle

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Shop Sessions Launching Next Month

Our first Shop Session with *repeat repeat will be out next month!

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